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Oleo Mac GS650

Oleo Mac GS650

SKU: 632835642834572
R9 400,00Price
VAT Included

The new GS 650 is a powerful heavy-duty professional chain saw developed in conjunction with industry experts and designed for the most severe and lengthy of tasks in difficult environments. The high power, the 18" to 30" interchangeable bars (stellite and with sprocket tip), make it a versatile machine that is specially suited to felling and cutting up large trees.


    – Power/Displacement 4.7 HP

    – 3.5 kW/63.4 cm³

    – Bar length (nose) 46-51 cm, 18”-20”, (replaceable sprocket), 51-61-71 cm, 20″-24″-28″, (stellite)

    – Dry weight without bar and chain 6.5 Kg

    Equipped with numerous advanced solutions, including Nickel-plated cylinder, new piston geometry, carburettor isolated from the crankcase by a bracket with 4 anti-vibration mounts, digital coil , decompressor, aluminium crankcase, anti-vibration system with springs and rubber stops, automatic and adjustable aluminium oil pump, “INBOARD” clutch, nylon filter, and aluminium chain guard with side chain tensioner, this machine ensures:

    – Consistently high performance under all operating conditions.

    – Long-term reliability and strength.

    – Ease of use and comfort guaranteed to minimise muscle fatigue after long hours at work.

    – Easy access for simplified cleaning and routine maintenance


    1 year warranty

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