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Oleo Mac 741

Oleo Mac 741

R5 000,00Price
VAT Included

The new 741 brushcutter is designed to offer high efficiency and unfaltering quality over time, even in the face of heavy and prolonged use.

  • Product Description

    - Power/Displacement 2.1 HP

    - 1.6 kW/40.2 cm³ 

    - Cutting components 130 mm dia. Load&Go head with 3.00 mm dia. line 

    - 255 mm dia. disc with 3 blades - Weight 7.9 Kg

    The new professional 2-stroke engine, alluminium drive shaft (Ø 28 mm) with steel shaft (Ø 8 mm), 6 flexible bushings, LOAD & GO nylon head, 3 teeth disc cutter. The machine incorporates numerous features and is ideal for tough jobs like cutting thick grass, clearing brushwood, and thinning reed beds. Every detail has been designed with care to render brushcutting duties easy and effortless, even for the inexperienced user, the pluses are:

    - High performance, for maximum productivity 

    - Accuracy of cut, avoiding damage to vegetation around the work area and obtaining best possible results 

    - Total comfort, with muscle fatigue minimized both when starting the machine and during prolonged use.It allows an ergonomically correct posture for the operator 

    - Ease of use, allowing even comparative novices to operate the equipment ultra-simply and in complete safety.

    - Low fuel consumption and low emissions, for minimal environmental impact - Easy maintenance for quick machine check-up and intervention.

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